Singlz – a revolutionary new all-in-one bottle and glass format

The Singlz concept brings 21st century portability and convenience to wine drinking – an innovative all-in-one design combined with leading edge barrier technology that preserves wine freshness and quality and rivals glass.

Singlz International Limited are the world leaders in technology and designs combining a wine glass and single serve wine bottle. They have been in existence since 2006 and have grown rapidly as companies around the world respond to the unique versatility and convenience of the Singlz concept.

Singlz is an exclusive global patent protected product made with world leading barrier technology, to preserve wine freshness and quality. It is ideal where quick service is needed and the use of glass is prohibited. Singlz is produced, bottled and distributed internationally with high quality French, Italian and Spanish wines by Les Grands Chais de France/Inova Simple Inspiracion S.L. and for new world wines by V2 Wine Group in the USA and Glandore Estates/Hunter Bottling Co in Australia.

Singlz is sold under the Villa Cardini, Vino Solo and Les Vignerons labels in the UK/Europe, South Korean and Middle East markets, Steelhead label in the US/Canada markets and Glandore One Eight Seven label in the Australian markets.

Ideal for picnics, barbeques and situations where a single serve is all that is required.
Perfect for sporting and other outdoor events, concerts and performances where glassware is not permitted for safety reasons and where many people need to be served in a short space of time.
Welcome peace of mind for the consumers who opens their own bottle of quality wine knowing it is untainted and safe to drink.

Evolving convenience consumption trends

Convenience market – 187ml format, 3x as fast as overall market growth